What do you use to block spam?


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What is your process / Addons that you use to prevent spam?

We have a pretty strict policy, a lot of fields to enter in, Google Recaptcha and just got the cleantalk addon.


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I just use what's provided in the vanilla XF with Google Recapture & a load of blocked spam phrases checked until user has made 2 posts. Until 2 posts users can't post links or send private messages. Location is our only required field besides name & email.

I have even disable registration verification to simplify things for new users. I was also tired of verification emails being blocked & the subsequent queries when folk couldn't complete registration.

Spam attacks are now rare & can't remember one that didn't go into moderation queue. Most that we get are from old spammer sleeper accounts from our previous platform. We had loads of spammers before moving to XF

Dalton Prock

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I've never had to deal with spam on any of the communities, but I'd have to agree with @rwm1962 as that is enough for me. But also, we are rather strict on registrations so.


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Nothing but the built in spam protection. Block urls until 2 posts and you'll never get any spam.