What do you use for VIP members?


We are looking for an "add-on/plug-in" that promotes our VIP members on the forum. Which gives them a beautiful status in terms of appearance. Something extra for the VIPS.

What do you use for this, do you have any particular plug-ins/add-ons that you can recommend?
Do you have an idea about this?

Hope to hear from you.

We don't use an addon - we use both the user promotion and user upgrade features of xenForo. Styling of appearance can also be down with the xenForo style property and custom (extra.less) styling template. No addon required

Our customers purchase a VIP membership on the original website. On forum is a support forum that is connected to our aMember/wordpress. We want to do something extra on the forum for people with VIP status, without them having to achieve certain goals or the like to get a "promotion".

So it would be nice if there was something that you could "dress up" the user with with an add-on. Extra less etc. is not our thing, we are not programmers.
Why is this removed to different section?
I'm only asking if something like this excists, we have already somebody who could make something.
But before i just wanted to be sure there isn't already some add-on/plug-in.
Why is this removed to different section?
Well, you have specifically stated you do not want to use the inbuilt styling options for that group and that you are looking for an addon.

So do you have any examples of what kind of thing you are looking for to that isnt already available as extras for specific user groups such as banners, extra signature permissions…
I was hoping to get ideas from the community. I don't think we are the only one on the planet who want have something like this.
So i thought if there is such a thing, developers will point me to their add-on/plug-in.
In this section it feels like that i'm looking for a developer that can make something for me, but we already have a great Xenforo developer.
To all, it's NOT a job.
I was just wondering if there was something already in excistence.
Please do not send me a message you want to make something, we already have a Xenforo Developer and we are pleased with him!.
You just need to sync your usergroups from aMember or Wordpress, and that depends on your integration. Without knowing how things are integrated/what integrations you use, there really is no help that can be given to you.
You seem to be confused about the various forums.

If you are asking other site owners for advice and suggestions on running a site, you post here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/forum-management.84/

If you want custom development or other services you post here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/custom-service-development-requests.69/

As you specifically asked for add-ons, not once, but twice, in your opening post ...
We are looking for an "add-on/plug-in"
do you have any particular plug-ins/add-ons that you can recommend?

... your thread was moved to the most appropriate forum, which is: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/resource-and-add-on-requests.68/

The questions and support forum was never the correct forum to post it in.
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