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Some advice on how to do that...


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I'm the founder and president of a group of BMW bikers. Until now the registration at the group was free and we've asked $25 for the forum registration. The site run on Wordpress and the forum on Xenforo.

I use one plugin on the WP site for the members registration and they can say yes or no to the forum registration. If they say yes I send them an invite from the forum so they can register and pay the annual fee.

What I'd like to do now is to introduce the membership fee also for the registration at the group so there's no more free subscriptions.

Problem is how to to that since I'd have to collect all the new member's data on the WP site, send him an invite from the forum and approve them on the WP site once they've registered and payed the fee directly on the forum.

Can someone suggest me a better way to handle all the procedure? Any idea to streamline the process or to make wordpress and XF communicate?

I'm not a coder so I'm not able to write addons or plugin. I would prefer to hear some suggestion to do that without any external addon if possible.



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Basically I'd like to manage subscriptions with WP and the payments with XF. Problem is how sync the two so that if anyone doesn't renew his XF subscription, he doesn't have rights to access WP...


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Depending on how you build your posts there are WP plugins that can limit the accessibility for the WP posts for different levels of membership.
Xenword would make everyone register on xF, then transfer the member details to WP. You can set corresponding member group to match member level on WP and xF. Useful if you have different levels of access for different cost..

So if I understand right you can do what you are asking with Xenword. All registrations as well as login/logout to both sites would be handled through Xenforo.
On my site all material is free, but guests get a invited in the middle of the WP article to join.
I have done a HTML of the login widget for WP, supplied with Xenword and inserted in the "custom message" field for the plugin I for content restriction.

Hope this helps, PM If you want to see how it work on my setup.

Anthony Parsons

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Like above, Xenword has the ability to sync with usergroups, thus you make payment and then assign them a user group. You assign that user group to their role permissions in WP Xenword options. Saying that, the role sync / assignment in Xenword can be a bit buggy with additional groups... as it is with default groups. The problem right now is that the dev is having private life issues, and thus not highly supporting new installs -- thus removing all the time consuming questions from their life right now.

Not sure when they will be back fully supporting and making the product saleable again to new subscribers.