Show your tattoo!


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I have just had a tattoo started last weekend and felt like showing it off. So I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where everybody can show their body art off!

Here we go...


I will be getting it completed on monday hopefully, so not long to wait now!


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I've often thought about getting a daisy (my favorite flower) on my......... ummm....... well somewhere, not sure just where.


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I thought tattoos are permanent and never fade away?
That they are, however as you can see from my photo, they do lose their color and contrast over the years. I think many people (girls especially) will really regret having them when they get older. I know I wish I had never gotten mine...but I did it long before it was the "fashionable" thing to do like it is now.

Ben Davis

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That is a decent tattoo Jamie. Did you design it yourself?
I have three tattoos but nothing amazing. One 'Mum' tattoo, one 'Dad' tattoo, and a quote as a tattoo.

That's the quote tattoo (Duh).

My 'Dad' tattoo. The tattooist wanted to play about with this one a bit so I let him :) The devil comes complete with beer belly and moobs.

This is my 'Mum' tattoo. Seeing as she likes dolphins I decided to have two of them.

That's it for the time being. I plan to have more tattoos because I know each one will carry a story behind it and this is one way to keep those stories eternal.


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Not a great pic but you get the idea. Unfortunately after 25 years they are fading badly.
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You should get those re-inked. The ink they use now is significantly different to 25 years ago also, not supposed to fade as much! Time will tell. Also depends on the artist. My father has one from about 25 years ago also that is still as bright as the day he got it.