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Simply put, a place for those that enjoy giving, getting or simply looking at tattoos.

Looking for suggestions to make the site "tattoo"-y, but also remaining relatively simple.

  • Not much has changed as far as add-ons. Will be making use of XFMG, as I feel that will be a big feature (sharing latest tats, or just showing them off in general).
  • Looking forward to adding Showcase by @Bob , for Tattoo Artists to show off their portfolios and receive valuable and reliable (from customers opinions) feedback on them. As a few artists join in (already spoken to a couple I personally know), I'll get to work on Showcase.
  • The theme is Xenith from @Mike Creuzer and his team at @Audentio Design . Again, left it pretty basic. Not really looking to revamp anything anymore.
  • Responsive Social Sharing buttons have been installed.
  • There is a chat, registered users will have access, as well as ability to show wherever they prefer.
Anywho, again, simply looking for ideas to get the whole tattoo feel across... I'm all ears.

If you have ink, want ink, curious about ink, any or all... hope to see you around.

Looking good.

If I recall, you got a license from @Mr. Goodie2Shoes for his classifieds add-on. Maybe a directory for tatoo parlors/artists to list themselves to generate business. If you feature their listings (not sure that's a feature of the add-on), maybe you can get them to advertise your site on their facebook pages and stuff.
If you feature their listings (not sure that's a feature of the add-on), maybe you can get them to advertise your site on their facebook pages and stuff.

I've thought about using [AD] Sponsor as well... for Shop or Artist listings... linking to their sites.

Good idea, not sure how far down the road that will be. Right now, most focus is on the content.
Back to work on this after a brief hiatus working on Alert Icon Management....

Installed Beta - [FS] Events by @Jeremy and have started the process of adding upcoming Tattoo Conventions in the US. Long process, but worth it. Have tweaked the add-on a bit, with help from @James and @SneakyDave , now have the "Upcoming (renamed from Featured) Events" sorted by date, from soonest to latest. This appears on both the Calendar view as well as the "Upcoming Events" page.

Calendar View

Upcoming Events View

The Events area should be open for all, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'll be adding a bit more spacing [top-bottom] between posters, but after that, I am running out of ideas.

Thanks for looking!
Homepage Updated. ----> "Upcoming Event Widget" is perfect....

Don't mind the title of the "Upcoming" one... I just changed the image for my use.

Next up will be working on the footer... Hopefully can get people who submit tattoo pics on Instagram to start hashtagging #tattoohq, but for now, #tattoo will have to work. Brainstorming on things to add to the footer, so it will be chaning.
I really like the little modifications you've made, it shows great attention to detail. I always enjoy seeing how you can take a theme and really make it your own. However, I'm curious to know how committed you are to actually growing and administrating this community. I've been on and off this forum for a while and it seems like every time I return you're always working on a new forum and the old communities are just gone (i.e. XFUniverse, FamilyGuyFans,, My Rock Nation, xfShowcase,, My College Football, and WeLive2Game) without warning. Obviously one of those listed is still active but it seems like you start a new community, modify the hell out of it (a great job at that) and then you get bored or something and start a new forum.

Please don't take this negatively, I'm just genuinely curious. You've definitely got the skill, portfolio, and the eye to make great modifications to this platform. Perhaps you should start a business and offer your services to other communities for a price. You spend all this time modifying these forums how cool would it be to make some extra money on the side for it?

Just my two cents. Keep doing what you're doing, Sheldon. :)
This is the easiest way to create. Do every bit of it. I don't have much desire to maintain anything, for various reasons.

Just how I am.
Wow!! The Featured Events transformed in the Upcoming Events look great @Sheldon !!

Could you please share the modifications?
Jeremy it seam don't want to add the Upcoming Events View any time soon (or at least this is what I understood from his words). :(
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