1. zoldos

    attachment media (videos) higher than 128M won't save (line through filename)?!

    I'm using PHP 7.4.30, Ubunto 20.04, and Apache (Dedicated FPM application served by nginx) with a server post and upload size of 256M. I also matched this in XF and XFMG settings. But whenever I try to upload something higher than 128M (the old limit) in the gallery, after the upload...
  2. Allan

    Unmaintained French translation of XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.4

    Good evening all :) Here is the complete translation of XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.4 to French ! This translation represents 822 phrases translated. Enjoy ;)
  3. Xenforo Media Gallery Suggestions

    Xenforo Media Gallery Suggestions

    Taking the Navigation to the next level, by adding the ability to add Font Awesome icons to it.
  4. Forsaken

    Attachment mirroring thread and post attachments to an album

    Current attachment mirroring only allows for mirroring all attachments in a node to a media gallery category, which works if it is mostly just a few sporadic attachments. For attachments that are uploaded to posts such as ones where you would post yourself, post your pet, post your car, post...
  5. nicodak

    FRENCH Translation - XenForo Media Gallery [Paid]

    nicodak submitted a new resource: FRENCH Translation - Media Gallery 2.2.3 - Complete translation of xenForo Media Gallery 2.2.x to French Read more about this resource...
  6. hotdoghero

    Viewable Quotas for MG

    As stated by Brogan in this thread, user quotas for the MG are not viewable without directly querying the database. As a quota limit is part of the base permissions for this addon, staff and users being able to view their current usage and maximum quota would be ideal. It seems this was...
  7. R

    XF 2.2 XFMG RSS Single Result Only?

    Hi I am trying to pull in the XFMG gallery RSS feed but when you view the result, it only has one entry. Is there a way to output more than one result from a gallery? Thanks
  8. Andrey777

    Extended use of custom fields

    Hello! Few questions related to the ship spotter site on XFMG and regarding the further use of custom fields. Photos (carousel) below main image filtered by custom field value, please see below. So, it shows only photos with one number (like a plate number on the car). Any idea how to do it...
  9. Andrey777

    Can XFMG sell the photos?

    Hi folks! Is there any way to start selling the photos uploaded to Media Gallery? I.e. to turn XFMG to selling photo/video gallery? Thanks you.
  10. Yodrak

    Unmaintained Media Video Options 1.0.1

    With Media Video Options you can use the power of ffmpeg for transcode videos. An extra row in ACP -> Options -> XenForo Media Gallery give ffmpeg some additional video parameters. The default parameter in this addon scale all videos to 720p. But you can use many other parameters like...
  11. B

    Fixed XFMG - Random widget doesn't respect board closure

    While performing the auto-upgrade through the CP, the board 'shuts off' on it's own. The random media widget from xfmg does not and i think it should. Minor concern but should be disabled as the rest of the site is as well.
  12. stan1226

    Unmaintained XFMG Order By Title 1.0

    This addon adds the function to order XFMG by title to album and media views. The order by title is integrated into the basic order function, works with ascending and descending ordering and supports every installed XFMG language (the XFMG phrase 'title' has to be translated). The addon...
  13. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] XFMG Media Layout 2.2.0

    Easily change the layout of the list of media in XFMG add-on. After installing the add-on, the list of the media in the XFMG's home page will look like the list of resources, with a few more features. Some of the details are: List of tags (with ability to edit tags) Description (with "click...
  14. D

    XF 2 Is this addon technically possible for XFMG?

    Is possible an addons with the function that every time someone posts a video on thread this video is self-published in XFMG under same user name ? Best regard.
  15. M

    Beta XFMG media widget type icons 1.0.0 Beta

    By default, XFMG type icons are not added to the media slider widget. This addon applies two template modifications that should add the type icons to this widget. Type icons may be undesired in the sidebar, so a third template modification is included that should still hide them only in the...
  16. wakh.ru

    XF 2.1 vB 3.x Photoplog Import problem

    I see 3 way to perform import from Photoplog 1. Use XF 1.5.x and sonnb XenGallery. ... Finally upgrade to XF 2.xx But it's does not work on me at step 3 - import Photos. Sonnb doesn't answer in his official forum. 2. manually convert 2.1 export photoplog_* from vB DB 2.2 convert it to XFMG...
  17. developr

    MG 2.0 How to enable Gallery embed (BB-Code) for posts

    Dear Community, actually the photo-button in the editor toolbar is missing and I can't find the settings to enabled the bbcode for gallery media. All the gallery embed bbcode in the posts aren't parsed as well.
  18. Oblivion Knight

    Default Expand Media Categories 1.1.0

    This implements the intended XFMG behaviour of media categories being extended by default on desktops, and collapsed by default on mobile devices. Before (desktop): After (desktop): Credit to @Dadparvar - his post pointed me in the right direction to accomplish this.
  19. Sim

    Fixed GALLERY BBCode renders using relative URLs in SimpleHtml and EmailHtml

    In XFMG\BbCode\Gallery::renderTagSimple, when rendering simple or email HTML for media or album galleries, the link is built using relative URLs rather than full URLs as required for links views externally. Can I suggest that line 118 (v2.0.4) be changed to: $link =...
  20. M

    Gallery statistics widget: Add 'Your statistics' block toggle

    Please consider adding a true/false option Enable 'Your statistics' block in the XFMG Gallery statistics widget to toggle if the XFMG "Your statistics" block should be shown beneath. This could function the same way as Enable 'Staff online' block does for the XF2.0 Members online widget...