attachment media (videos) higher than 128M won't save (line through filename)?!


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I'm using PHP 7.4.30, Ubunto 20.04, and Apache (Dedicated FPM application served by nginx) with a server post and upload size of 256M. I also matched this in XF and XFMG settings. But whenever I try to upload something higher than 128M (the old limit) in the gallery, after the upload completes, a line is produced through the filename and I can't save it. Even a file at like 131M does this. Videos lower than 128M work perfectly.

What does this mean? I'd really like to upload (videos) up to 256M. Help please! Thanks!
I did (via root): service php7.4-fpm restart, service apache2 restart, and service nginx restart, after increasing the limits in Plesk, and directly in my main php.ini file. It still didn't work. I also changed the handler to Fast CGI via Apache, restarted again, but still the same result. Hmm....
Check your php via the ACP and make sure that you changed the correct php.ini. Some panel solutions can have different PHP.ini's that the process reads.

Go to and see what PHP.ini path is being used and make sure it's changed in that .ini file.

As you can see in my example image below... with CentMin Mod it can read data from multiple .ini files.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 12.16.53 PM.png

Under the Core settings, you can see what max file size upload is being used.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 12.38.16 PM.png
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