Media Wall Widget for XF Media Gallery

Media Wall Widget for XF Media Gallery 2023-04-19

No permission to download
I clicked on the download link and it took me to your site, there I clicked on English support and took me back to XF Resources for this Addon.
This was a nice project based on another thread:

I am at a loss though to why it will not display anything except very small thumbnails with a lot of white space.

This widget has been inserted in Xenporto2 and cXF "Widget Homepage" templates. Both of them render the display shown below, and there are no error messages thrown--attempting to temp-out a solution in Inspector (image size @ 100% or larger, flex display) does not affect the display. Any thoughts?

media wall display.png
Yes. Attached is a screen cap of XenPorta2 with the standard XFMG media slider widget set. Also, I added that line to my extra.less, but it did not change the appearance...

xenporta slider.png
Difficult to understand what is happening, if I go to your homepage I am redirected to the forums, I would have to see my widget live and see what is happening with the browser console.
I have activated XenPorta2 for your perusal. There are two blocks shown; the standard XFMG and below that the Media Wall display.

Click on the |Home| tab that has the tag fa icon.
I think there is a conflict with some code which comes from something about resources.

This is the class i use for the thumbnails
itemList-item js-inlineModContainer"

And this the class used when i inspect my addon on your site
itemList-item structItem structItem--resource js-inlineModContainer js-resourceListItem-

There is probably an add-on that adds the following classes: structItem structItem--resource js-resourceListItem-

See what could be related to these classes and disable the corresponding add-on if so.
If not, does the Media Wall add-on work correctly on the forums page for example?
My apologies @Nicolas FR for not getting back to you sooner.

I am on a punch list for a soft launch this weekend--and had to commit to some strategy. But the good thing is that trials of the media wall concept brought me to the reality of smartphones, modularity, and interaction. The front end I showed you caught my eye because of the default slider test you asked for. In the end, I stacked two sliders on top of each other--each refreshing from separate engagement areas.

But I am still interested in the media wall concept for other pages to be created in the future. I am watching this thread for any new information!
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