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  1. Amin Sabet

    Duplicate Cannot change "Share this page" widget order in Thread view: sidebar

    I like to have "Share this page" at the top of the sidebar and am able to do so on my forum view: However, I can't seem to do it in thread view: I was thinking that the following area is the place to put the order, but I am unable to type a number in that field, and the +/- buttons don't...
  2. macroforum

    Other [PAID] New Media widget request

    Hello, i need new Media widget ( recent media) for XenForo Media Gallery 2 The default media widget is only slider type but i need widget with different layout and option: - media must be displayed in rows (responsive), thumbnail obviously linked to media page, same size thumbnails ( squared)...
  3. BassMan

    [cXF] Welcome Notice Widget 1.0.0

    Description: This add-on will show a welcome notice as widget to guests on your forum. Features: add notice as a widget and position it almost anywhere highly customizable in style properties (change text color, background, icons, button color etc.) title and description are phrased for easy...
  4. XFA

    [XFA] Multiple Countdowns - XF2 3.0.1

    Description This add-on lets you create an unlimited number of countdowns to be displayed either in your widgets, at the top of all pages in the header or on a dedicated page to your forum sidebar ! A page is dedicated to the complete management of the counters and accessible based on usergroup...
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Twitter Widget 1.0.0

    FEATURES add Twitter plugin to a widget (best in sidebar position, but you can choose any you want) adjust plugin language add any Twitter Page URL light or dark theme customize link color hide footer in plugin remove borders in plugin hide scrollbar remove background color of plugin adjust...
  6. BassMan

    [cXF] Facebook Widget 1.0.1

    FEATURES add Facebook Page plugin to a widget (best in sidebar position, but you can choose any you want) adjust plugin language add any Facebook Page URL add tabs like timeline, events, messages use small header in plugin hide cover in plugin show facepile in plugin hide call-to-action button...
  7. DL6

    DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts 1.1.0

    With this add-on you can show the most popular threads/post of the current day, week, month, year, all time and with a custom days period. You can also put a limit to show threads/posts by specific forums.
  8. Siropu

    Shoutbox by Siropu 1.2.0

    This is a shoutbox widget that you can add in any of the available widget positions. Options: Shoutbox refresh interval - Allows you to set refresh interval for new messages. This option can be disabled. Maximum shout length - Set the maximum allows shout length. Shout display limit - Set the...
  9. jolly

    XF 1.5 Xenpota widget for new + news

    Theres a site i use when new tech is on the rise called overclock.net on their main page of they have "Latest discussion" and "news" and looks like this Any chance someone knows how to exclude forum sections from the "latest" and include others to another like they have here? This would also...
  10. eTiKeT™

    [Bd] For Widget Framework Turkish translation 1.1.3

    [Bd] For Widget Framework Turkish translation Thanks to @xfrocks for allowing me to translate. Çeviri yapmama izin verdiği için @xfrocks'a teşekkür ederim. İNG- Installation; [Bd] _Widget_Framework_Turkceyamaver.xml Admincp >> Appearance >> Languages & Phrases >> Import a Language >> Overwrite...
  11. Brent W

    Unanswered Threads Widget 1.0.0

    PLEASE READ: This has only been tested with the latest Beta version of [bd] Widget Framework. You are welcome to install it on the version available in the XenForo Resource Manager and provide feedback but I make no guarantees. This is a simple widget that works with [bd] Widget Framework. With...
  12. W

    XF 1.5 'Members online', 'New posts'... not showing in my forum. Are they shown by default?

    Hi , I guess these widgets are shown by default but I can't find how to add them to mine. Sorry of it seems a dumb question but I have looked at Home > options, Style properties and didn't see any place where to easily add them. If it involves adding code to a particular template, can you tell...
  13. otto

    [bd] Widget Framework - German Translation 2.6.3 Beta 18

    German Translation for Widget Framework addon from @xfrocks Its a complete new translation for xfrocks latest Beta Versions (you need it for php 7.x support!) with all new phrases and many new explain texts. Deutsche Übersetzung für das Widget Framework Add-on von @xfrocks Es ist eine...
  14. Ubiquity Lab

    XF 1.5 Include Bd Widgets in my custom templates

    I need to include some widgets in my custom templates in the central content and not in the sidebar. As far as I understood, from the BD widget panel I can add a widget to the sidebar only. Now, for instance, i would need to add the Threads Widget to my homepage custom template. So ideally I...
  15. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Category Widget Block being consistent with XFMG widget block

    Would really appreciate to see the RM Category Widget Block be consistent with the XFMG category widget block – which is in my eyes the reference point for all XF category displays in usability and simplicity. Everything else is either overboard or does not do the job.
  16. Freelancer

    Fixed Statistics block widget(s) should not be shown on forum home if permissions do not allow

    Even if the XFMG is not viewable to certain user groups per permission settings, the Statistics Widget Block in the Sidebar is still fully visible with all data. It should not be visible if the permission "View Media" is set to no.
  17. radenmas

    XF 1.5 "New Post" sidebar on Thread view shows no data?

    Hello, i added "New Post" sidebar to the thread view http://gamexeon.com/forum/threads/hobi-foto2-di-game-pamerkan-screenshot-mu.99373/ but as you can see, it shows no data and other stuf like statistics shows 0 (zero). It seems its missing something to be "called" before it call the sidebar...
  18. Dadparvar

    Banner slider widget for Widget Framework

    Hi, 1. Go to your WF page in ACP and press "+ Add Widget". 2. Choose "[Advanced] HTML" for Renderer. 3. Use the code below in HTML field: <style> * {margin:0; padding:0} #wrapper {width:234px; margin:5px auto; background: #fff;} #container {position:relative; background:none; padding:32px...
  19. Dadparvar

    RM 1.2 How to add XFRM Block to a sidebar or portal page

    Hi, Regarding to: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/adding-the-xfmg-media-block-to-a-sidebar-or-portal-page.3793/ (posted by @Martok ) I added XFMG block: Is that possible to add a block just like this (thumbnail + title when hovering and ...) for Resources? (both new and random or...
  20. Dadparvar

    MG 1.1 How to add sliding effect to sidebar widget of XFMG

    Hi, Is it possible to add auto sliding effect? For example it moves automatically one to left each 3 or 4 seconds. Any opinion on how to do that will be appreciated. Regards, Hamed