Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration

Setting up Facebook, Twitter & Google Integration


No i dont have ssl on my website all socail network working (twitter, facebook..) only error google+ login. I try now, but the result is still the same.

Liam W

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Can I ask people to make sure they add a name for their login screen?

I've been going through my Google account, and I have 8 apps named 'Project Default Service Account' ;)



When I test the Facebook integration it says this:

You must upgrade this app to Graph API v2.x
v1.0 will be deprecated on April 30, 2015
You have to go to your app on Facebook then go to Settings > click on Migrations > then set the "Use Graph API v2.0 by default" to On.

The problem seems to be with how XF calls your app with no API version number.


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The application has not been established: The application developer has not set the proper application to log in to Facebook.

Thanks you

Chris D

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So you need to edit your Facebook application and make sure it is enabled for website login and also make sure the app is published.

Lone Wolf

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I created a Facebook app and did everything according to the instructions but when I test the app or try to login via facebook I get an error...

The requested forum could not be found.

My forum is SSL


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Your board URL has https also?

On the Settings page via Facebook for the app, I have display name as my URL, an email, and my site/mobile URL as (since I use www.).

Once saved, copy your app ID/Secret Code to the admin.php?options/list/facebook page and it should work correctly.

If not it may be due to your board loading http rather than https when authentication this?


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Looking at the way the request is being generated, the "Board URL" setting is really the only possible thing. I don't know if there's an add-on that could be at play as well. I would have to recommend disabling all add-ons and switching to the default style to test.


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Thanks Chris D I have just settup my advertising forum base on Xenforo and first things I am thinking to setup that's integration social networks into my forum.