Search only works for the full word


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My Search works only if I enter the full word.
If I would search for Xenfor it would not show me results which include this.
So Xenfor would not show Xenforo. I would need to type in the full word.
Is there a setting I missed?

This is simply how searching works and generally speaking, you'll see this with Google as well.

XenForo Enhanced Search does stemming, but this only works with root words (swim/swims/swimming would be considered the same thing). It wouldn't work for partial words.

You can insert a * to potential help the matches but you have to explicitly add it.
Well, my Google adds stuff and even if I type only parts of the words it includes the rest.

ScreenHunter_338 Dec. 27 14.40.webp

I have used different boards before and they did the same and included searches which had the parts of the word in it...

ScreenHunter_339 Dec. 27 14.41.webp

Is there any way which gives me and my Users this option as well?
Just searching for the full word makes not that much sense to me because that would mean that I know 100% what I want already and would not need the search.

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