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I'm putting this in bug reports rather than suggestions, because this is functionality which was present in v1.x and now missing in v2.x ... a bit cheeky I know :D

In v1.x there is a checkbox "Search media only" in the search dropdown when viewing the gallery, which allows you to constrain your search to media items only rather than performing a site-wide search:


This is not present in v2.x, forcing you to go to the advanced search page to do media-specific searches.

In v2.x, we have the following show up when viewing a forum:


... or a thread:


However, in the v2.x media gallery, we get no choice - it's a site-wide search or nothing, forcing you to use the advanced search to search media.


At minimum, I would like to see the search box when viewing media, show two options: "Everywhere" and "Media only" to replicate the missing functionality from v1.x

It would be even better if it could be expanded to include the following options (depending on context):
  • Everywhere
  • Media only
  • This category / This album
  • This media item (for comment search)
I note that Resources gets this exact functionality - so I think media should too :D

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This will require you to do a search index rebuild as we've changed some of the metadata that we store to make these searches possible, but this pretty much demonstrates the breadth of what we have now:


This all of course depends which page you're viewing and what contexts it has. This was taken from a media item, which is in an album, which is in a category, hence why there's a fair few permutations there.