Plugin/Custom Field only works in 1 location. Data Exposed?

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NOTE: I have no coding experience, this could be dumb to ask :p

I know this is addon/mod talk but it might serve as a good tutorial. Not after multiple locations, just to move it. Though knowing how would be good.

So I currently have 2 plugins installed:

The online users plugin works fine, adding the display to the forum stats on the sidebar:


So I thought hey, I know what would work.. Let me add this to the footer stats instead and see what happens!


Lets clean it up a little for looks:


Not working.. I thought it was the div names, I went though all the mod files to look for something obvious.. Nothing I can see.

Is there some hook field I am missing or some database edit I have to make?

Thanks for any help!

Edit: Live Demo

Alot of users in the previous thread talked about exposing the data, can someone explain how this is done to the common man?
Essentially you would need to extend the relevant controller (e.g. forum index), fetch the data (e.g. using a query), then pass the parameters to the template (e.g. forum_list).

That would all be done in PHP.
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