Add-on Pages with categories & eBay API


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I am looking to hire someone who can create an addon in which I can create categories/parents (which can be on a new tab with dropdown or multiple tabs) which hold sub-categories or "childs" and I can write info on it, title, descriptions, pictures, and even source code. Also, on every page created, the option to add an eBay category ID or IDs (option for at least 3 is better) so that in the page, after the info is shown, ebay items are shown (for this, you need to know about eBay API).
Here are some picture examples (they are horrible looking though but the concept is what I like).
As you see, parent categories on left panel and child on right

Once you click on a child link, they have title, picture, description, links/tables and sharing icons

Below even longer tables and then eBay API which shows eBay items related to the specified content.

If anyone knows how to do this, in a nice and organized way, including eBay API programming, please let me know. That website is obviously not organized or Xenforo based so it's not neat but I want that concept on my Xenforo forum.
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