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  1. Rigo

    Adding an eBay API search bar in home page

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the HOME a ebay API search section, showing as default a key search (listings) for my forum. On side panel, it would be a category table of some sort. I found this site and it's close to what I want as my HOME page. Any help or advice is greatly...
  2. Rigo

    Unmaintained eBay Listings On Profile 1.0

    The eBay Listings On Profile add-on will add a users eBay listings on their profile page with a new tab entitled "eBay Listing". This add-on will show a live feed of a users eBay items for sale. This section will only show up once a user has set their eBay Seller ID, which is set from the...
  3. Rigo

    Add-on Pages with categories & eBay API

    I am looking to hire someone who can create an addon in which I can create categories/parents (which can be on a new tab with dropdown or multiple tabs) which hold sub-categories or "childs" and I can write info on it, title, descriptions, pictures, and even source code. Also, on every page...
  4. cjesuele

    XenForo / eBay RSS Feed Integration & Manipulation

    I am creating a XenForo message board, and need to have a forum thread designated to eBay listings, where posts are automatically made via eBay RSS feeds; automatically posting FULL product listings as posts on XenForor for specific keywords. I need someone who can create a proper script to...
  5. Rigo

    Add-on eBay link convertions (for affiliates)

    Yes, I've seen the ebay parser and the others but they just don't do all some of us really need. I am requesting someone who really understands eBay API to create a addon which actually turns any ebay link into an affiliated one, not "just items". This way, users can link to specials, stores...
  6. SneakyDave

    [SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser 1.2.7

    If this addon is useful to you, please consider donating any amount. DESCRIPTION The Amazon/Ebay Parser Addon will change URL's directing users to Amazon or eBay to include an administrator's Amazon affiliate ID and eBay campaign ID, respectively. It will attempt to remove any existing...
  7. SneakyDave

    [SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser

    SneakyDave submitted a new resource: [Solid Mean] Amazon Parser - Add your Amazon Affiliate ID to your outgoing Amazon URL's Read more about this resource...