XenForo / eBay RSS Feed Integration & Manipulation


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I am creating a XenForo message board, and need to have a forum thread designated to eBay listings, where posts are automatically made via eBay RSS feeds; automatically posting FULL product listings as posts on XenForor for specific keywords.

I need someone who can create a proper script to pull ALL eBay listing data via their RSS feed, which can then be automatically posted on my message board.

Would also like for an affiliate program to be synced up to the posts, so that I can make commissions off these eBay listings on my message board.

I know that the RSS feeds only give you x-amount of data (usually just 1 image, price, and date). I would like ALL eBay listing data (item specs, price, all pictures, etc).

Would like the posts to be formatted in a custom fashion as well. I want it to look like it is NOT an eBay listing, but then for all images and customer hyperlinks to link back to eBay, and for all links to be tracked for commissions.

Need to find someone to create this script for me, and willing to pay!


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Excellent, thank you! I just started a private conversation with you and sent you some more details on the project.

I also sent you my Skype chat handle in the private conversation for further discussion.

Thank you again and look forward to working with you!