1. Kruzya

    guid field in RSS

    At this moment (12.09.2019), XenForo in RSS feed pushes into guid just link to thread: This can be result as problems for identifying thread if author changes thread name, and if forum uses setting named as "Include content title in URLs" (/admin.php?options/groups/seo/#includeTitleInUrls). I...
  2. tohaitrieu

    XF 2.1 Tag RSS Feeds

    Dear Support I have a tag: How I can get RSS for each tag in xenforo Forum?

    RSS Feeds | extra option | "New posts" after reply

    Is it possible to create a extra option for hiding RSS Feeds without reply and showing it after reply in "New posts"? My forum loads many feeds from a news site and i like to show only feeds with comments in "New posts".
  4. Neutral Singh

    Add-on xF Media Gallery (XFMG) RSS Feeds

    All I want is to able to post a thread via rss feed from my media gallery item into a node of my choice in my forums... As for some unknown reasons, rss feeds in media gallery have been removed in core xF2.1, would request devs to make/find a workaround... already discussed in another thread...
  5. WoodiE

    MG 2.1 Is RSS broken or just turned off?

    I know in the past we could just add /index.rss to the end of the Media Gallery URL and it would show a proper RSS feed. However I've noticed that is no longer the case, see here - When you view the file its contents are as follows: <?xml...
  6. Mr Lucky

    XF 2.0 Xenforo RSS feed that excludes one (or more ) forums

    I want to have a feed from my forum but exclude one or two of the forums from the feed. Does anyone know whow I can do that, what feed link I would use? Thanks.
  7. R

    XF 2.0 RSS by new thread date, rather than last reply date

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know how to change the RSS feed to as entitled? So it displays by new thread date, rather than latest reply? We had this on XF1 thanks to a solution/code hack by @Jake Bunce here...
  8. bebekforum

    How do I create a bot that gets topics with rss in xenforo forum?

    How do I create a bot that gets topics with rss in xenforo forum? If you know a source about this, will you share it with me? Thank you for your help already xenforo friends
  9. dethfire

    Server issue adding backslash to end of RSS url breaks it

    This is troublesome when apache redirects automatically add in the backslash to your final destination ex. RewriteRule ^external.php* [R=301,L] turns into and will break
  10. Kevin

    Add support for parsing Media tags in RSS Feeder

    With RSS "media" tags now part of RSS 2.0 (, and is recommended by Google on how to handle media items (, and is becoming a lot more common in RSS feeds (like in YouTube channel feeds) then it'd be pretty...

    RSS Feeds

    Enable RSS on you're board: Check if webfeed is enabled on your forum in (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?options/groups/newsfeed/ After that it's time to add the navigation button: Go to "navigation" in the admin panel (the url of you're forum)/admin.php?navigation/ and click on "add...
  12. kuyenmotdivad

    XF 2.0 RSS Feeds

    Hi, How do you show RSS feeds for each forum? Thanks
  13. Emre

    XF 2.0 xenForo 2 Rss Eror

    Hi, xenForo 2 use. I want to add my own siteRSS feed importer. Use: Save eror! Where am I making mistakes? :( @Mike , @Brogan , @Chris D please help!
  14. Xyphien

    XF 1.5 RSS Not working?

    I've tried adding my RSS on several bot plugins such as an auto RSS tweeter for twitter, RSS bot on Discord, etc. Each time I get an error, That's what I get for the discord bot, the rest of them simply say they cannot find the rss. What is the problem?
  15. maxibanki

    As designed RSS Feed old text is shown

    Hello, when I want to use the RSS feature to be updated with threads there is always just the content of the first post shown. Example: On a thread with 10 "Posts" or comments there is always the first post content given. Thanks in advance, Max
  16. V

    XF 1.5 RSS feed URL for threads with a prefix

    Hi I want to get the RSS feed URL to only fetch threads from my forum which start with a certain prefix. Is this possible? If yes, how to write the RSS feed URL structure. Thanks,
  17. shabbirbhimani

    Unmaintained RSS Feed for Categories and Child Forums 1.0.0

    A simple addon that enables RSS feeds for categories and adds threads in child forums into the rss feed of the parent forum. If you enable pages for categories, the RSS url will be added to the Meta header section. If you use SEO friendly URLs, the url for RSS is same as for any forums...
  18. JustinHawk

    XF 1.5 RSS feed question

    Is there any way to include RSS of sub forum into the main forum ? looking for this thing atm :) like Forum (It should include RSS of it sub forum also, i.e include child node RSS into it.) ----Sub Forum (It will have its own RSS) ----Sub Forum 2 (It will have its own RSS)
  19. G

    Modifying all RSS feeds

    I need all the RSS feeds from forum threads to be modified to have a separate tag for the images, like example below how can I do this? <media:content medium="image" url=""></media:content>;
  20. O

    XF 1.4 XF RSS Feed not working

    Hello, The RSS link on my XF forum isn't working. it just shows some errors: <errors> ");"><error> <![CDATA[ העמוד שביקשת אינו נמצא. ]]> </error> </errors> See here: