XF 2.2 Parsing forum RSS feed to only pull new threads from certain nodes?


Hi, I have a Wordpress front end to my site that utilizes a customized RSS feed from our previous VB4.2.5 forum to populate content on the (wordpress) home page of the site. This includes new trip reports, new forum threads, and new gallery items.

I do see the standard RSS feed for the forum at ... forums/-/index.rss - but it looks like every new post, thread, etc. gets an entry here. Is there a way to break this up so it just pulls in from a certain node (or nodes), or for new entries in the XFMG. ?
Search forums actually expose an RSS feed too, so you could create one of those with the criteria you want. The URL is constructed in essentially the same way as with an individual forum's feed.

If you don't want it listed on the main forum list, disable the "Display in the node list" option for it.
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