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  1. ActorMike

    Ebay Partner Network Rover Links support ending March 31st EPN

    I think this move by ebay is pretty dirty! https://www.ecommercebytes.com/C/blog/blog.pl?/pl/2021/2/1613418616.html I've been going through converting them all over, which is a manual process! They do provide a chrome extension to assist, but it's still a manual process...
  2. Rigo

    Add-on Pages with categories & eBay API

    I am looking to hire someone who can create an addon in which I can create categories/parents (which can be on a new tab with dropdown or multiple tabs) which hold sub-categories or "childs" and I can write info on it, title, descriptions, pictures, and even source code. Also, on every page...
  3. cjesuele

    XenForo / eBay RSS Feed Integration & Manipulation

    I am creating a XenForo message board, and need to have a forum thread designated to eBay listings, where posts are automatically made via eBay RSS feeds; automatically posting FULL product listings as posts on XenForor for specific keywords. I need someone who can create a proper script to...
  4. Rigo

    Add-on eBay link convertions (for affiliates)

    Yes, I've seen the ebay parser and the others but they just don't do all some of us really need. I am requesting someone who really understands eBay API to create a addon which actually turns any ebay link into an affiliated one, not "just items". This way, users can link to specials, stores...
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