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  1. biafraland

    XF 2.2 Display PDFs in List Format (plus JavaScript code placement)

    Hello, Is there any easy way to display pages with multiple PDF attachments in a list format instead of grid? I have attached a screenshot for this. Also, I want to place a JQuery-reliant Javascript code that must load only after JQuery has loaded. What's the right place to add this code...
  2. whatever1234

    Not planned User-defined CSS

    Is it safe to have <link rel="stylesheet" href="file:///<ro$style>" type="text/css"> in each page's header? If not, can you add a user-defined css field in account/preferences?
  3. frm

    Unmaintained Clean 3 Column Custom Field Lists

    Want clean 1-3 columns for different devices? Display one on smaller devices: Two on medium: And three on large: Add this code to extra.less .listInline--customField { @media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { columns: 1; -webkit-columns: 1; -moz-columns: 1...
  4. iamjudd

    Unmaintained Pulsing Register Button

    What you achieve: Add to extra.less template: /* PULSE ANIMATION */ .pulse { position: relative; box-shadow: 0 0 0 0 rgba(232, 76, 61, 0.7); cursor: pointer; -webkit-animation: pulse 1.25s infinite cubic-bezier(0.66, 0, 0, 1); -moz-animation: pulse 1.25s infinite cubic-bezier(0.66...
  5. Rigo

    Add-on Pages with categories & eBay API

    I am looking to hire someone who can create an addon in which I can create categories/parents (which can be on a new tab with dropdown or multiple tabs) which hold sub-categories or "childs" and I can write info on it, title, descriptions, pictures, and even source code. Also, on every page...
  6. Rob

    Unmaintained Stylish Notices 1.1

    REQUIRES XENFORO 1.5 BETA 2 This add-on allows you to set a custom css class on BLOCK notices. Once installed, you'll notice an additional "Notice Class" field, when adding or editing a block level notice. I've included one style, "stripes".... if you give any block notice the "notice class"...
  7. Rob

    Lack of interest End Prejudice :: Allow custom class for "block" notices too!

    We are able to set a custom class on "floating" notices (subject to bugfix), but I'd like to set a custom class on "block" notices.
  8. Amaury

    Not planned Remove View Custom Changes Link in EXTRA.css Template

    Currently, there are two ways to view your custom changes: View Custom Changes or View History. The latter shows you each individual thing you've added (green), removed (red), or left the same (no background color) while the former is a general overview of what you've done. Because the...
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