Not a bug Microsoft Edge and log in form


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I know Windows 10 is not yet public, but its now in evaluation copy form and releasing within 28 days.

First attempt to log in after opening a new tab is working as intended.

If the forum is open in a tab for a while, it seems like Edge gives me trouble signing in. When I open the sign in form and press username/password and log on, it kicks me back to the forum frontpage without being logged in.

Don't know if its EDGE issue or Xenforo - but would just make sure its out there.



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Hmm, I didn't notice any issues with Microsoft Edge in previous versions (before the Edge branding).

I'll see if I can make the same issue occur on the latest build 10159.


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@Alien noticed this in 10158 and 10159 build.

but i use an log in overlay, so might be thats the one thats bugged. and not the regular drop-down login for xenforo.