Browser issue Push notifications not working in Microsoft Edge for Android

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Using the latest Edge version from the Play Store I am unable to receive push notifications. The first notification once you allow the permission is received just fine but further notifications are not received.

I confirmed that it's happening here on the official forums.


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Unfortunately, I think this is an issue with Edge and there isn't a lot we can really do to make them work. They advertise that they support push notifications (via the JS APIs), but it seems there are some issues. The endpoint edge uses is actually the Google FCM endpoint, which it's the same as Chrome itself, so there shouldn't be any issue there.

There's some more discussion of it here:

Notably, the actual payload of the notification is apparently empty, which makes it fairly useless to us. This may indeed be because Edge for Android is still based on Chrome 77, though it's not clear if that's the case. It could just be a lower level bug with how Edge itself is handling the push notification from the Android core.