push notifications

  1. A

    Fixed Push notifications ignore phrases in "push_post_reaction" and "push_conversation_message_reaction"

    Replacing the phrases: x_reacted_to_your_post_in_the_thread_y x_reacted_to_your_message_in_the_conversation_y with other phrases in: push_post_reaction push_conversation_message_reaction respectively, is not reflected in push notifications. Doing the same thing in: alert_post_reaction...
  2. I

    Fixed Not resubscribing automatically to push notifications on Chrome 74

    On Google Chrome 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit) after log out/log in, it doesn't resubscribe automatically to push notifications. Ref: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/enable-push-notifications-notice-appears-every-sign-in.156271/post-1298129
  3. R

    XF 2.1 ErrorException: Push notification failure: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name match

    Getting the following errors: ErrorException: Push notification failure: {"success":false,"endpoint":{},"message":"cURL error 60: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name 'updates.push.services.mozilla.com' (see...
  4. B

    XF 2.1 Generate a push notification on new thread

    is it possible to send push notification to all members when a new thread is createad Is there an addon for this?
  5. developr

    XF 2.1 Set Logo in Push Notification

    Is it possible to set a default image for a push notification somewhere? I got push messages but without an image or logo (windows, chrome).
  6. Ulas K

    XF 2.0 About Edit Footer, Password Tools and Enable Push Notifications

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine... Excuse me, I'll take a few minutes for three questions on XenForo v2.0.12: How may I add custom text to footer on default style? How may I add password show/hide option to my own board? How may I enable push notifications option for visitors and members...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Push Notifications Notice 1.1.4

    Description: Customize default push notifications notice with some extra features and lots of customization options in style properties. Features: default or floating (on the left bottom side) push notification notice two styles for floating push notification buttons fully customizable...
  8. Kintaro

    pushjet.io - push notifications opensource

    Website: https://pushjet.io/ Documentation: http://docs.pushjet.io/ Watched!
  9. ForestForTrees

    Could xenForo use something like this for push?

    I saw the following at the Houston Chronicle this morning: Presumably it's Chrome specific, but that doesn't bug me and what starts with Chrome/Chromium is bound to spread. Push notifications that are easy to sign up for seem like a great way to turn a website into a community that feels like...