Could xenForo use something like this for push?

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I saw the following at the Houston Chronicle this morning:

Presumably it's Chrome specific, but that doesn't bug me and what starts with Chrome/Chromium is bound to spread.

Push notifications that are easy to sign up for seem like a great way to turn a website into a community that feels like part of your life. People need that daily "drip, drip, drip" of information to draw them in. I bet that that is why a regional newspaper has invested in it. They put up a huge sidebar to advertise it to me, which is a substantial investment, perhaps indicating that they seen significant benefits to it.

Does anyone know about the architecture behind something like this?

In particular, do you need something other than a LAMP stack to send push messages to a Chrome client? If so, people may want to turn to an external service provider for sending the push messages. If push notifcations were added as an optional feature for XF, perhaps we could choose a push service provider from the ACP. If so, this could be a steady subscription-based (ka-ching!) revenue source either for XF Ltd or for an enterprising addon developer. Perhaps people could have the option of purchasing their own push server or simply using a subscription service.

Thoughts? I'm curious about the technology behind it and also how it could be integrated into XF. IIRC, forum admins I respect have said that push notifications are important.
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