Media server hosting


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Hello all,
I'm not sure if this is the correct category to post this in..

But I have seen a lot of mentions about media server hosting.
I am very sure I have seen red5 mentioned too.

So with that, can anyone recommend an idea where;
A user can upload a video, which in turn I can display on the boards with the relevant settings?

Offsite is preferred for obvious reasons..
Youtube may not necessarily be ideal due to user content.. if you get what I mean..

Thank you :)


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Anyone set up a Red5 server or, what's the other one.. Wowza is it?
I will get another VPS from DO, just curious if anyone's done this and best practices etc

Will users be able to upload to the server from XF?
I originally wrote this thread in this section, but I've since realised it may be in the wrong forum - sorry for that.