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Hello everyone,

My name is Frank and I have launched a preview website at to show everyone my concept and idea.
The website is a temporary blogger site to showcase what I have in mind.

I was not able to post in your other forums so I am posting this here and a moderator can move the topic to where necessary.

I am looking for a XenForo expert who can do the following for me...

  • Sell and Install a licensed Xenforo installation.
  • Upgrade to copyright removal - (or leave it if Xenforo wants to become a sponsor)
  • Make a standout custom skin looking at for ideas
  • Is able to update the installation as necessary.
  • Can host the forum for me.
  • Provides seamless upgrades if traffic gets too big (should never go down)
  • My users will be able to upload images so storage is an issue.
  • Able to bill in CAD or USD
  • Has the ability to launch/spread into social media and get on the map.

I have a very basic twitter at @priide_com and gab at @Priide as well as the mockup site at

So basically I am looking for someone that can bill me, and has expertise in all these areas, or someone that wants to partner.
Also someone that can take over the social media aspect to get the site promoted.

I want to worry about the website, I do not want to maintain the server or the Xenforo installation, that should all be handled by whoever wants to take on the project. Like I said, I have no problems paying or partnering with whoever is TRULY QUALIFIED to help me with this.

Together we can start something new and I am excited to announce that I have picked XenForo to be the underpinnings of the site.


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A clarification for everyone

Sell and Install a licensed Xenforo installation.

That means whoever runs my server and installation uses a fully licensed version of Xenforo which I will pay for.
The copyright removal will also be paid for but would consider leaving if Xenforo donates the software.

Eventually I am looking at sponsors only to contribute to platform costs, the site is not made for profit and I hope will be self sustaining after a number of years.
Guys, I prefer to keep the conversations in topic so I do not have to answer the same questions twice.

I also need to clarify...

I am looking at quality not bargains.
Sure I do not want to spend more money than is necessary but I am fully willing to pay for services.

The skin and maintenance of Xenforo is very important to me and we can separate the server aspect if necessary.
I did some research and TMD hosting looks to have managed installs with hosting so I could look at that as an option if we needed to separate the server part but I would still need custom skin work and management of the software.
Thank you for the PM responses, I am grateful for all the input. @Lee I love the fact that you believe in our cause and are willing to help out. We will be looking for moderators as well when the site launches.

That said I was wondering if interested parties would be able to post a few links to forums they have administrated or designed. I am looking for something stand out as far as looks go but not over complicated to scare away new sign ups.

I am willing to pay extra for a social media director who would take charge of the social media aspect.

This is the first place I am posting this so there is no cross posting on another platform.

Technically I could have 1 person/company or...

1. Server & Hosting Administrator
2. Xenforo Software Designer & iT specialist
3. Social Media Director
4. Any interested parties that would like to get involved with moderation etc.

Right no @Lee is the only one who has actually quoted pricing so if anyone wants to quote on one or more of the above please feel free.
Hi @Priide - you can check my own personal website which is pretty heavily customised :)

I am currently experimenting with the Xenforo Demo and it seems like everything is quite customizable.
The only setting I cannot find it how to make the avatars square instead of round, is there not a setting for that or would one have to do that within a custom theme?
That's possible with the style properties and a simple change.

Detailed support of that nature isn't provided in the pre-sales forum, but once you purchase a license you will be able to post in the customer forums for assistance with styling.
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