iPhone 5

Anthony Parsons

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Looks nice. A little larger screen, more power, thinner, lighter and a few more features.

I skipped 4S, still using my 4, so I'll definitely be getting an iPhone 5. Sweet....


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People expect so much from Apple, for some a perfectly normal upgrade (if it'd be any other company) is just not enough anymore. They expect Apple to change the world with every product release now. I think it's a great upgrade. Sure it could have been more impressive, but these releases are so frequent now that you can't expect the changes to be earthshaking every time.

Anthony Parsons

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I wonder if people would say the same thing, if manufacturers changed the packaging, though left everything else the same! Wrapping is just wrapping... the core and functioning is the upgrade in most technology today. Wrapping is also a branding strategy, one which is renown to sight an iPhone quickly by. The same as looking at a Galaxy, the wrapping is branding.

It seems some are limited in their ability to see past the surface in products.


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To be honest, I was really hoping for a new body design, sure I like the current one with it's nice rounded edges but damn a new number and not even a body change.

Also does anybody know if you just started up a contract with Sprint back in say June how much they would charge you to get the 5 if you got the 4 for $100 and aren't due an upgrade for another 2 years?


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That was probably one of the most anti-climatic events I've seen in awhile. They pretty much leaked everything months in advance, which took all the wind out of the sails. Nonetheless, this is still a great phone, but there isn't really anything all that spectacular about it.

As for iOS6, I'm skeptical. After playing with it the last couple of months, there's several things that irk me, but none as much as Apple Maps, it's a regression in some areas. The lack of transit directions is a downgrade. Addresses are pretty much hit or miss, as well. Typing in some addresses gave me "no results found" (even if I was within a few hundred feet of it), while other times it'd jump me into Florida or Massachusetts. Worse, if you click a map direction on a website it no longer brings up the map app -- you're just given a Google map in the browser without directions or your current location. This is where Android's Intents system outshines iOS. I pretty much had to resort to using Google Maps in the browser or taking out my Nexus 7 when navigating around Chicago the other week. As is, Apple Maps seems like a potentially huge fail, especially if you live in a major city. Hopefully it gets a lot of love within the next month, or they allow Google to actually release their own app. I think the map feature they thought they were able to produce, when that decision was made, was probably very different from the one they were actually able to produce.


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I've seen on a lot of tech sites that people were disappointed... but why? Other than a brand new design, I really would like to know what people were expecting when it came to everything else