XF 2.2 Uploaded videos not working for iPhone 15 Pro Max users (also can't upload photos)


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I’ve been getting a lot of forum members telling me that they can’t get any of the uploaded videos on my forum to work.

Everyone who tells me this is using an iPhone 15 Pro Max (not sure why that particular phone seems to be affected).

YouTube and other embedded videos are fine, it's just the videos that have been uploaded to the forum directly.

They're also telling me that they aren't able to upload images from their iPhone 15 Pro Max either.
Nope, it’s something do with the file type that the iPhone 15 is generating.
Format they are recording in? Have them change it to the older standard format used (think HEVC) and see if that works.
I don't do video on my site, but it's either H264 or H265. The new iPhone uses Apple ProRes by default.
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Iphone 15 here too. Tested it myelself. Photos no problem. Video does give me an error: "Uploaded file was not an image".

Going to investigate

Edit: Video file I tried to upload was exported from WhatsApp and is an HEVC file.

Default video file is a MOV which uploads without any issues.

Edit2: I tried uploading the WhatsApp video directly from the gallery app (don't know the English name) which failed.
But once I exported the file to the local file storage it's extension changed to MP4 and I could upload it without any issues.
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