XF 2.2 Is it possible to add a specific thread URL when using the "add to home screen" via iPhone?


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Currently, it seems that iPhones don't have full support with PWA. This is fine since there is an "alternative" by clicking the "add to home screen" button which puts an icon of the forum for a fast opening on any iPhone's display.

However, it always navigates to the same URL path:

Even here on XF, when I click on the "add to home screen" button via mobile, and I'm in a specific thread, it will generate the same URL (?_pwa=1) without navigating me to the specific thread I'm at.

My goal is to use a specific board URL for quick navigation with my phone to a specific area on the forum. Is it even possible?

Any other non-XF website saves the URL path and creates an icon on my forum's main screen with that specific URL. But XF refuses to do so.
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