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Uploading media to albums is great.
Uploading media into categories is great.
Creating Albums in categories: would be great...

What about associating albums to categories? Right now it is not understandable (for my users) why this is should not be part of the media handling ...

Example: Makes it possible to have a Category for "Events" and then have one album for each event.

Now, you can either
  1. make a sub-category for each event (which clutters the category sidebar and therefore is not really scalable with a growing number of events) or
  2. make an album for each event which then is not categorized but only associated to a member. Which makes a structured archive impossible.
Categories are used to have a common media library and albums are used to associate media to users. It would be great to be able to associate albums to events and milestones without having it associated to a particular person and also not just floating around the media gallery without an umbrella category (logically associated media)

A solution that I came across that would pick up the given XFMG concept, would be to make a category become the owner of an album (as a third option beside category and owner album). That would also cope with privacy and reassignment as you could move albums to other categories and of course reassign them to members. Most flexibility with all media handling.
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