1. Mouth

    Xenforo Resources for 2.x Addons needs sub-categories or prefixes

    With over 2,000+ resources within we really need sub-categories, or at least prefixes applied, for easier searching and locating. We had sub-categories in 1.x add-ons.
  2. Veer

    [XenCustomize] Ad Between the Nodes 1.1.0

    XenCustomize’s Ad Between the Nodes add-on offers a seamless solution for placing your advertisement code between XenForo node categories. Say goodbye to tedious template editing! With our user-friendly interface, adding and positioning your ads is a breeze. Currently supporting up to 7...
  3. B

    Lack of interest ACP Collapsible categories and nodes in the Nodes window

    In our forum there are over 1000 nodes and it is getting worse to display them all in nodes. The page is slow and every moment you think it hangs. It would be nice if you could just collapse it depending on the category and then keep expanding it. I think that would make the page faster and...
  4. Mr. Jinx

    Category and sub-categories addon

    I'm looking for a (new) add-on that can display sub-categories as if it where categories at level 0. To illustrate what I mean, please check this post by Liam W (rest in peace) and the reply from Chris D.
  5. V

    [PAID] Media Gallery Customization needed - Upload to multiple categories

    I need a custom add-on to allow users to choose multiple categories while uploading created for xenForo media gallery prior to migrating from vBulletin & Photopost to xenForo. Please PM for details if you're an interested, experienced developer please.
  6. XFA

    [XFA] RM Multiple Categories Resources - XF2 2.0.1

    Description & Features Ever wanted to go over the limitation of the Resource Manager to only display a resource in a single category ? Then this add-on is the solution, it allows selecting categories to display the resource in. Unlimited number of display categories Easy selection of the...

    Coloring Categories

    Coloring your forum with a piece of code in extra.less doesn't have to be that much work. The code can be generated with a few data per category. It is completely DIY through the script generator and copy and paste. Visit this page to to generate the code.
  8. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Watched Categories 2.0.1 Patch Level 1

    This add-on allows you to archive your content watched by category. This version is available only for Watched Threads Watched Forums
  9. developr

    XF 2.1 style categories in subforums like on homepage

    Hi there, I am wondering why categories in level 2 were displayed different then the categories on level 1 homepage. Level 1 Homepage Level 2 Subforum I want to style the categories in subforums like on homepage. Is there an option or addon?
  10. Osman

    [XM] Protected Categories 1.0.0

    XenMake Protected Categories Do you need to sell protected or hidden products that only certain member groups can access? Use XenMake Protected Categories to protect your forum categories. How do XenMake Protected Categories user and role protected categories work? You can set any of your...
  11. Oblivion Knight

    Default Expand Media Categories 1.1.0

    This implements the intended XFMG behaviour of media categories being extended by default on desktops, and collapsed by default on mobile devices. Before (desktop): After (desktop): Credit to @Dadparvar - his post pointed me in the right direction to accomplish this.
  12. BassMan

    [cXF] Coloured Node Categories

    Add code to your extra.less template: /* Coloured Node Categories */ .block.block--category.block--categoryX .block-header { background: #009ACF; color: #ffffff; } /**********/ Change X to your node ID. How do I find node ID? It's simple to find it. Just hover on your Node Category...
  13. C

    Lack of interest Multiple Node creation!

    Creating multiple nodes should be a default option. It's very time consuming to add a lot of categories or forums one at a time. I see no option as a standard feature in XF2 for creating multiple nodes. It is a very time consuming process! XF1 did have an add-on for this, but this really should...
  14. XFA

    [XFA] RM Multiple Categories Resources 1.0.2

    Description & Features Ever wanted to go over the limitation of the Resource Manager to only display a resource in a single category ? Then this add-on is the solution, it allows selecting categories to display the resource in. Unlimited number of display categories Easy selection of the...
  15. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained [HA] XFMG Categories Layouts 1.5.2

    PLEASE BEWARE!!! This addon is unmaintained, no support is offered with this any longer. Hi, With this add-on, you can show XFMG Categories in a very new and attractive way. Features: Complete Style Properties to Customize every aspects Icon Chooser (Font Awesome + Glyphicon) Image Uploader...
  16. LPH

    $fetchOptions or $conditions for parent_node_id

    I'm trying to replace older code that does not use $fetchOptions and $conditions. Here is the old code. /** @var $node_qry XenWordXFForums */ $node_qry = " SELECT node_id, title, display_in_list, node_type_id, parent_node_id FROM `xf_node` WHERE display_in_list = 1 AND...
  17. Sim

    Separate album and category quotas

    I'd like to have separate quotas for albums vs categories. We migrated ZooChat from vBulletin+PhotoPost last week and relaunched on Friday with 280,000+ photos from over 2,000 zoos worldwide. I'd like to start expanding the capabilities of the site to allow a bit more flexibility in what we...
  18. Soul Fighters Academy

    Gallery Item in Multiple-Categories

    It would be beneficial to have the ability to place a video in multiple categories, similar to a Wordpress Blog. I run a martial arts network site, and we post technical videos which can relate to multiple different categories.
  19. Triops

    MG 1.1 Move 30k images from one category into user albums

    I did still not migrate from vB + PP, @Chris D, but am shortly before doing it finally. In the meantime I did lots of test imports. One remaining problem is, that users in PP could upload images into their "Private Albums". These albums were just one main album per user, which contained all...
  20. Freelancer

    Duplicate Integrate Albums into Categories

    Uploading media to albums is great. Uploading media into categories is great. Creating Albums in categories: would be great... What about associating albums to categories? Right now it is not understandable (for my users) why this is should not be part of the media handling ... Example: Makes...
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