Separate album and category quotas


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I'd like to have separate quotas for albums vs categories.

We migrated ZooChat from vBulletin+PhotoPost last week and relaunched on Friday with 280,000+ photos from over 2,000 zoos worldwide.

I'd like to start expanding the capabilities of the site to allow a bit more flexibility in what we allow people to do.

We have individual categories for each of the 2,000+ zoos, and we are quite strict with the types of photos we allow members to upload to those categories. We also don't allow them to delete photos they have uploaded.

I'd like to allow users to create their own personal albums where we can give them more flexibility in what they upload and how they manage their own photos - but I'd also like to limit how many photos (or more specifically, the amount of disk space they consume) they can upload to albums while still allowing them to upload as many photos as they like to the categories.

So, separate usergroup level quotas for categories vs albums would be very useful.
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