XF 2 Customised search to look inside XFMG Category Title and Description


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We are looking for help in customising the search so it will find text within XFMG's Media Category Title and Description fields.
Please PM me if you can help with this.

More detail:
Search within XFMG 2.2 seems to find anything in each photograph's Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Notes - But it does not look in the Title field of the categories themselves, nor in their Description field.

Our site is an old car club members' private forum. We have about 11,000 photos in the Media Gallery- many of them historic racing cars etc which are of great interest to researchers within the club.
Each car has its own Category to contain its photos - so we have over 1000 categories.
Each car's category title field has the car's type, date, chassis number, engine number, registration number, owners details as pain text in the category Title itself. The category Description field contains the ownership history of that car. Then there are photos stored in the category, each with a title and sometimes a description too - relating to when & where taken, what shown etc. That later are searchable, but the information in the Category Title and Description are not.

Here is an example of the content of a Category Title:
1904 12hp Darracq 6505 A27924 (HXR322) 'Genevieve' 2-Str (Louwman National Motor Museum)

And its Description::
Ownership record: Peter Venning; Norman Reeves; George Gilltrap, Queensland, 1965; Dutch National Motor Museum, 2002;

Please contact me if you could possibly help with this.
Regards, Mike Lunch - Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register Forum Admin
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