Fixed  ImageMagick Imagick PECL Extension / animated avatars not working


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With ImageMagick PECL Extension on it will not work for me (yes it is installed on my server)
Everytime I add a Gif it just shows the "flashing" Js image in the top right hand side of the screen and that's it, It does nothing more

Any ideas?
Yup, I upgraded to 1.0.3 and selected the ImageMagick library.

Before nothing was animated. Now we get the animations, but not for the avatars in the thread view.


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Template edits should no longer be required with the new library.

Unfortunately I don't have it installed on my server so I am unable to test it.


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Are you sure you have the ImageMagick library selected in the ACP?
Looking at the avatar, it's only a single frame image file, less than 10KB.

Animation has always been supported in the profile.
Yes. I'm trying to find out if the avatar was newly uploaded or if it was an older one.

Admin -> Options -> Attachments -> Default Image Processor -> ImageMagick PECL Extension (selected)


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Do you have ImageMagick installed AND enabled ?

I'm currently trying to make it work on a WIN 2008 R2. I'll update when successful
Yes, ImageMagick is installed and enabled as far as I can tell. Confirmed with the hosting company.

If you have a test script I can run to verify ImageMagick is installed and enabled I will run that to double check.


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To verify that ImageMagick is working

check your php info .. You should see This : imagick.PNG

This is provided by php5-imagick on a Debian with a simple apt-get :D (Other NIX like CentOS or RHEL .... servers need properly compiled and added in php.ini)

As always Windows is still giving me a heartache :D So i'll post what worked when done ;)