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  • Hi, have you tried the URL Rewrite addon, in IIS?
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    No ... I was away for some time ... BUT if there is an apache rule I can come up with an IIS equivalent
    send it to me, and I'll process it for you :)
    Ben, let's get kicking then ;)
    Did you get that cloud server yet?
    Yes :) Haven't deployed anything yet .. they charge per the second :d haha So I am waiting on my designer to be done
    I can't; Expression will be good for the skin, but not the logo (unless I wasn't doing it right). :/
    You posted that to your own profile so I didn't notice it, but go ahead when you're ready--I exported my stuff.

    Dealing with problems of my own; Inkscape is being a pain when saving and opening files on occasion, which is making it difficult to continue working... :/
    IIS doesn't use .htaccess We will be moving to a new host today or tomorrow , I have setup the server already (another playing server)
    OK; I wondered if that was the issue when I read your post. Not a big deal; I haven't had much to update recently. ...Did it just happen again (might've been my internet, since by the time I finished this post, it was back)?
    Do you know if there's a specific reason why I occasionally seem to have problems connecting to voiceradio? I get error pages for a little while before I'm able to access it. :(

    p.s. Worked on the logo last night...and today Inkscape decided it doesn't want to open it, so I have to backtrack a little. argh
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