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XF 1.4 animated avatars are not working in postbit :(

i have searched here for solutions and there seems to be a problem i am unable to resolve.

When i upload an animated .gif, it is fine in the profile vcard. In the post bit it resizes it in a weird way and it is also no longer animated

1) I have selected ImageMagick PECL Extension in the ACP
2) the pcl extension is installed on server


the screenshot shows versions as well as the URL to the (not yet public) forum (under construction)

check out user Maurice W. Evans (or look in the welcome section for my threads)

that post bit should be animated (it IS animated in the hovercard)


Thanks in advance

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Your ImageMagick version appears to be old. Notice the difference in the ImageMagick version portion. Yours is 6.2.8.

From my Debian VPS
Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.31.46 AM.png

From my CentOS VPS

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 1.31.57 AM.png

Not going to guarantee this is the problem...but you should upgrade to the latest supported just for general purposes.
i think that was the issue

i had my admin team update to latest as well as ensure imagick.so was added to php.ini

all works like a charm now!

Thanks GUYS