Hosting Recommendations ?

Anthony Parsons

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My personal suggestions would be:
  • Servint - Managed VPS
  • WiredTree - Managed VPS
  • Linode - Unmanaged VPS
The only reason I put Servint over Wiredtree is because they come standard with 15k SCSI RAID10 with every VPS. Wiredtree you can have SSD for a lot of cost though they do offer more readily available cheats, such as replacing Apache with Lightspeed on the fly for you.


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  • ServInt - USA Managed VPS. Very fast and good support, great uptime and stability, daily backups, great prices and offers!.
  • Skyberate - Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation. Netherlands, blazing fast servers. I've signed up for a shared account and it's impressive, support is very fast and kind. I have been since some days anyway but I know them since they started and I trust in their company.


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I like - I didn't know what the hell I was doing when I started out, and he was endlessly patient. And whenever I've needed help, I've gotten it immediately.
I'm on - They've been the most reliable dedicated (and cheaper) solution I've ever used. When I have asked something, about 10 minutes after posting a ticket, I'd have a response. They're really good imho.


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I think one of the thing to gauge a good host is how well they refund your money. I host with hostgator for 2 of my sites. I decided to cancel one of them. And put in a ticket. Surprisingly, they refunded all my money immediately. No questions asked.

I didn't expect that because I've been with many hosts in the past who make me jump through hoops just to get a refund...

Hostgator also has good support, as some here mentioned. So far, I've haven't had any problems with my site being down.


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I have been using a shared account with Hostgator for two or three years. They offer very good support and I have practically no downtime with them with minor exceptions, but they do oversell and pages load slow compared with the two hosts I recommended in my previous post. Also I hate cpu, memory & disk limitations (unlimited space but if you have more than 50000 files, they don't make backups) not specified in their website.

In general, I don't recommend hosting that offer Unlimited space & transfer. I prefer to pay for a account that fits my needs, this way it works better. Load time is an important user experience & SEO factor IMHO.


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I signed today for a cheap FreeBSD VPS with 128Mb RAM, unmetered bandwidth, 8GB disk space with datacenters in Germany & USA for 6.95$ / month, there are also discount coupons for the first month, I'm impressed with their service, they are NQHost
These guys are just unbelievably dirt cheap :eek:
Would you please link me to your site on this 7 dollars plan :eek:(post here for everyone or PM me if you prefer privacy)
Have you seen their windows plans :eek: I'm scratching my wallet just to test them out.


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So are you co-locating? Or are you running your servers from your own location?
I tried that own location thing. it doesn't work
Not sure where you are located, but I live In San Antonio TX where AT&T at the time was headquartered. few blocks from their data center
I got a static ADSL 3Mo/512 Ko with 5 IPs for 64 dollars/month it seemed cheap at the time giving that I could just plug as many servers as I could :D Latency was just horrible. the router sometimes just gives out and I have to reboot it. not to mention the poor DNS :D and the wait I have to endure to set up new domains. Just not practical for a busy forum (now ... a wordpress thing might work fine) . I did that for about 2 months and then I called slice host again :D

Now AT&T is back with a new service Uverse (it's a VDSL) with just speeds of the upwards of 18Mb/7Mb on the static deal same price too:eek:

I'm tempted again to give it another go :D
I'll jump on the bandwagon with a couple others and rec A Small Orange. I used to be with Elixant (anyone here use to use 'em?) and when they closed down, they sent most of their people to aso, and for good reason. Very good support, reasonable prices... and hey, they're named after a fruit! :p

I personally use a dedicated server now from Zenex5ive, who have stellar support as well. But it's also costing me a small fortune too...