ElasticSearch Hosting Recommendations?

New to xenForo. Already purchased Enhanced Search a while back. I now see I need ElasticSearch in order to utilize Enhanced Search. My hosting provider HostGator doesn't support installing ElasticSearch. I figure I have two options:

1. It seems a separate hosting provider can be utilized for ElasticSearch service. Do I understand this correctly? I found a free and $10/monthly ElasticSearch hosting option at Searchly, but I'm not sure if that will meet xenForo's needs. From what I read so far it seems it will. Can anyone confirm?​

2. I could host it myself. My small forum is almost exclusively for my personal use. I could configure a home computer to host ElasticSearch. I understand my forum search would not function anytime the ElasticSearch server was offline. My only concern is how involved maintaining ElasticSearch might be. Does anybody know if this is the sort of thing I can setup and generally forget?​
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