Hosting recommendation - small forum

Hosting recommendation - small forum

Hi all,

New guy, been using vBulletin for years. Starting a new forum and want to use Xenforo.

Different kind of forum use - at least to start with, I only want to use the forum interface to share my car detailing write-ups. I like the linear forum interface. Down the road I "may" open the forum for people to join and interact, but to start it's just me sharing before and after pictures with descriptions of the work performed.

For a low intensity forum - who would you recommend for hosting? I would like to keep the costs down simply because I'm the only one that will be using it.


For a low intensity forum - who would you recommend for hosting?
@MySiteGuy hosts all of our sites. (Myself and Ozzy47) You will have a xenforo PRO running the server who can also do the migration professionally for you, and you'll have all the room to grow as needed that you could ever want. Rates are great too. I suggest starting a conversation with him or contacting him through his site,
mddhosting and mysiteguy are both great, even if you run it on a shared or reseller account. I'm running 2 xenforos on my reseller shared account and theyre fast. (one has over 9k users and 1.1 million posts, never a problem) You cant use the optional elasticsearch module directly with shared, though. At some point i'll have to figure out how to do that off site with another provider :)
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