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Hello! I've been having issues with my current host with server security aggressively IP banning members repeatedly, nightly downtime, and other minor things that have been ongoing for the past year. So, I'm in the market for a new host!

I'm on a budget with a small forum, so I'm looking for shared hosting. I'm hoping for something that costs $10/month or under, though I have some wiggle room there.

My community has about 200 members (with 600 accounts), about 419,000 posts, with 100-200 new posts daily. My community is a creative writing/rp forum and occasionally includes erotic content (text only, no images), so that type of content would need to be okay with the host as well. I always specifically ask my potential hosts about this last one, but figured I'd include it here in case as well.

Any recommendations?
My forum is hosted at Vimex and Vimex is available in Great Britain too.
There's a good many options out there that should do you just fine. The size/activity of your site doesn't sound like a problem at all. BlueHost is owned by EIG which is a huge conglomerate of VC-backed hosts - you'll want to Google for lists of who all they own and avoid them otherwise you'll just be in the same boat again.

As a shameless self-plug, we at KnownHost are huge fans of XF and right behind WP, our servers are setup very well for XF hosting and our staff are intimately familiar with it. We host quite a few folk around here so perhaps some of them will jump in here and tell you about their experience.
Thank you for the recommendations!

I ended up going with KnownHost, since I already saw that name recommended several times while browsing around here. Signed up for the Standard Shared Hosting package today, and looking forward to getting the move underway. :)
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