Testers wanted: Elasticsearch Service for XenForo (*FREE*)

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Elasticsearch Service - Testers wanted

We are starting with a new Elasticsearch Service designed for XenForo and need some testers!
The goal of this service is to make it much easier for XenForo customers to make use of XenForo's Enhanced Search (XFES) capabilities.

Why this service?

XF Enhanced Search is getting more and more interesting. Besides the added search speed you will get great new features.
To use XFES, you will need a server running Elasticsearch.
If you are running on shared hosting you are probably not able to install your own Elasticsearch instance.
Some people run Xenforo on their own VPS but are not comfortable installing XFES. Even if the installation is not that difficult, maintaining it and especially keeping it secure can be quite a challenge. Running XenForo and Elasticsearch on the same VPS could also be a problem in some situations as Elasticsearch is memory hungry.

Our Elasticsearch Services

Easy to setupJust fill in the credentials in XF which you'll get from us, and you are off to go!
Fully managedWe take care of all the maintenance! Your Elasticsearch instance is fully managed.
SecuredOne of the most important things for us: Security! Some of the measures we take are a secure https connection, firewal, up-to-date patching and extra security monitoring.
SpecificationsWe use VPS's with 2GB memory, 2 cores, 40GB NVMe SSD, dedicated running your personal Elasticsearch instance. Traffic is unlimited.
IndexesYou can use up to 3 different indexes. This can be useful for test/acceptance/production setups.
Forum sizesThe service we offer is for small, medium and large 1M+ post forum.
PricingWe are currently in a testing phase. Pricing will be in the $10-$15/month range.

This service is not for ...
  • Extreme large forums like 100M+ posts (although we like to test this)
  • Forums with high availability Elasticsearch cluster needs
Rules to take part of this free test:
  • You will need a valid XF Enhanced Search license.
  • You are currently part of the XenForo community.
  • During the test period, you might receive a survey about this service.
  • Testing period will be at least one month and might be extended if necessary.
  • You can quit anytime. After the testing period you will receive an offer to continue using this service.
  • We select the forums that can take part of this test.
And now for the fun part: Apply for this test!
Signup period closed!
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