1. ddrager

    Add-on ElasticSearch Expert Requested - Custom Search Experience

    My team is working on a large vBulletin to XenForo migration. During this migration, we have tested ElasticSearch and several other search providers with additional plugins but are not quite getting the search results we would like. We would like someone to consult with long-term for search on...
  2. karll

    ElasticSearch 7 on CentOS

    Xenforo Enhanced Search depends on ElasticSearch 2.0+. Installing and configuring ElasticSearch so it works with XF might be a challenge for some, so I have put together some quick instructions for installing it on CentOS 7. With some tweaks the instructions should probably work on other...
  3. T

    Getting issus of elastic search. Search is not working.

    Hello, I am using "XenForo Enhanced Search" . I am suddenly gettting error of 'elastic no working' when I chec status of elastisearch it shows that is is failed to active. Please suggest hwo to fix this issue. sudo service elasticsearch status ● elasticsearch.service - Elasticsearch...
  4. X

    ElasticSearch Essentials 3.4.2

    This add-on requires ElasticSearch v2.0 or newer, it does not support 1.x or older! Search Bar Auto Complete When your users type in the search bar on your forum they will see suggestions based on what they have typed so far. The terms come from phrases used in your index rather than just...
  5. eva2000

    XF 2.1.0 Search Term Matching inconsistency ?

    I have an XF 2.1.0 test install with Enhanced search 2.1.0 addon installed and tried the following search terms - 7.2.14, 7.2 and 7.2* with and without @Xon search improvements addon enabled and seem to get inconsistent matches with word stemming enabled ? The search term = 7.2 only matches...
  6. I.G.O.T.A.®

    Enhanced Search with Elasticsearch

    I have everything installed on my server and getting this error below. A connection could not be made to the Elasticsearch server. Any ideas where to start?
  7. Sunka

    Elasticsearch 6 (install and basic configuration)

    This is tutorial for installing (not upgrading) elasticsearch 6 on centos. If I am missing something, please post here. Delete first old one if you have installed and install fresh new one elasticsearch v6 yum remove elasticsearch Installing elasticsearch 6 rpm --import...
  8. Nirjonadda

    Elasticsearch 6 Installation on CentOS 7

    This tutorial will help you to setup Elasticsearch on Red Hat/CentOS 6 64 bits based distribution. 1. Verify Java: Java is the primary requirement for installing Elasticsearch. So make sure you have Java installed on your system. java -version If you don’t have Java installed on your system...
  9. hollosch

    XenForo_Exception: Elasticsearch error: SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [query

    Hi, i get this error. What can be the problem? Fehlermeldung des Servers Fehlerinformation XenForo_Exception: Elasticsearch error: SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [query], all shards failed; shardFailures {[fZHD6TU5T6qHUvfd1hIm4Q][regio-portal][3]...
  10. Sunka

    Elasticsearch v2.x.x

    As @RoldanLT wrote in his post, elasticsearch v2.3.0 is out. Updated and seems to working OK on my forum :) # yum clean all Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities Cleaning repos: base elasticsearch-2.x epel extras mariadb remi-safe rpmforge : updates Cleaning up everything...
  11. S

    Searching while avoiding accents and other special characters

    I've read about ascii folding using elasticsearch, I was wondering if there was any way to incorporate this into Enhanced Search? My forum does a lot of searching by name and it would be very useful to have the search engine catch names that use things like accents or diaereses without having to...
  12. MattW

    Fixed Elasticsearch 2.0 Error

    Just upgraded to ES2.0, and the search no longer works. Index can be rebuilt OK, but searching throws the below error Error Info ErrorException: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string - library/XenES/Search/SourceHandler/ElasticSearch.php:845 Generated By: Matt, 1 minute ago...
  13. janowitz

    Elasticsearch 2.0.0 released

    Elasticsearch 2.0.0 has just been released and I wonder, if my XenForo installation can profit somehow from it or if I should stay with 1.x for now. At least their announced performance improvements sound good for me... Does XenForo Enhanced Search already support this release or should we wait...
  14. Vladislav Rastrusny

    How stable is ElasticSearch service on your forum?

    Hello, guys. I've heard, that Elastic can be quite unstable when running on a single machine (not in the cluster configuration). What is your experience with? How stable is it on your forum?
  15. Daniel Hood

    Boosting Results

    I think it'd nice to take advantage of some of the boosting options available in ElasticSearch. I could see improvements to the search results by adding: Boost Nodes Provide a boosted rating (1.0 defualt) to each node, this could be negative or positive (you could make off topic nodes sink and...
  16. wmtech

    [WMTech] How to configure Elasticsearch for non-english languages

    wmtech submitted a new resource: How to configure Elasticsearch for non-english languages - Optimize Elasticsearch for german, french and other languages with special letters Read more about this resource...
  17. wmtech

    Unmaintained [WMTech] How to configure Elasticsearch for non-english languages

    After diving very deeply into Elasticsearch documentation and several successful tests, I would like to share the settings with you to make Elasticsearch working perfectly for non-english language boards. At your server, open the Elasticsearch config file, usually to find under...