1. A

    Elasticsearch localhost should not be checking if certificate is self signed

    when installing elasticsearch, now elasticsearch enables https by default and disables http by default. Xenforo should not be checking for if the cert is self signed if elasticsearch is on localhost. solution: add a argument to check if elastic search is localhost, if true then allow self...
  2. Mr. Jinx

    Testers wanted: Elasticsearch Service for XenForo (*FREE*)

    Elasticsearch Service - Testers wanted We are starting with a new Elasticsearch Service designed for XenForo and need some testers! The goal of this service is to make it much easier for XenForo customers to make use of XenForo's Enhanced Search (XFES) capabilities. Why this service? XF...
  3. P

    Fixed Bug / Questionable code in the XFES plugin XF 2.1

    In the following file : ../addons/XFES/Service/Optimizer.php theres a check on line 38 that fails if(!$config['mappings']) { return true; } If "mappings" is not in the $config array, it will throw an "Undefined Index" error I've fixed this on my copy by changing it to :-...
  4. creativeforge

    Enhanced Search broken?

    Enhanced Search seems to have issues. Using 1.1.4. Yesterday I deleted over 200 pages worth of server errors. Today, I have 24 pages again. I downloaded the upgrade to 1.1.6, but what do I do with this? "It is important that the files on the server and what you're uploading are "merged"...