Hosting Recommendations ?


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You might want to post some basic requirements, because there are hosts that are above others in one area, but average in others.
I'm not the OP... I definitely don't need hosting recommendations ;p.
Just quoting what was already mention... as it easier then regurgitating. (Oh, those alerts must of gotten to you already... That was not the reason for quoting you... Must have option to quote without sending any 'Alerts') :p

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Just don't expect any quality support of them, trust me, been there done that.
Again... It depends on the host.

There are plenty of hosts that can provide cheap hosting, and still support (Non-priority, which is almost always reserved for managed dedicated or managed VPS for -any- host) their services more then decently.

There are also -free- hosts that provide decent service and support, depending on your needs. 

Jake Bunce

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I currently use shared hosting. Those servers meet the requirements for XF.

Shared servers are cheap but they can be unreliable at times. One thing I have noticed about shared servers is that they tend to improve over time. I think this is because the population of the server eventually stabilizes as the hosting company sells the remaining accounts on the server and boots the resource hogs.


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Hostgator is probably nice for support and a nice small site but don't expect to grow too much on their servers because you will soon be recieving emails/notices to upgrade to their VPS/Dedicated hosts.