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[HA] News Ticker - An easy way to have a fully responsive news ticker in site


With this add-on, you can have a news ticker in your site. Just put the RSS link you want in its option's field. and it will do rest of the things. If you want to customize it more, then you can use its options and style properties and permissions to do so.

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nice (y)

is it possible to use "external RSS-Feeds" (RSS-Feeds from other websites) and therefore enter more than just 1 RSS-feed ?
is it possible to use "external RSS-Feeds" (RSS-Feeds from other websites)
As you see in resource's screenshot (Gif), its reading Xenforo's RSS in my site.
So, you can put RSS from any where you want. And it will work as it must.
enter more than just 1 RSS-feed ?
Not yet.
But maybe in next versions.
(also maybe I add a part, so that you be able to write any thing you want, and it shows just like News from RSS. So you will be able to advertise anything there)
Not it first version, but I'm will add new news ticker designs + new effect upon request (as I get free time)
And now I'm doing so. Maybe tomorrow I update the resource with additional design (and it has two effects: fade + reveal [typing] )
But sliding and other effect can be added in future.

endless horizontal news ticker

something like this would be nice (but without using any code from Twitter / should be independent code, not relying on Twitter) :

Code + Demo:


more info:




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Thanks for your reply. I overread that post .. :D
I'm going to implement some other suggestions.
(I have two free days until our New Year. Then I'll be on vacation for days. Customers can submit their suggestions or requests in these two days. I'll try to implement them upon priority)
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