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Ultimate News Ticker [Paid] 1.0.6

No permission to buy ($10.00)



I just bought & installed your Add and it doesn't show up at all. Am I missing something? Turn on for all pages is set ....


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Does this still work?

You only have Paypal on your site and I do not see an option to remove branding. I do not have PayPal and I do not want branding on my site.


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There is no option to remove branding right now.
Why ?

Capture web_2-10-2021_231550_xenforo.com.jpeg

This kind of branding with bolded text and link without target="_blank" is too much for a little paid add-on.

Capture web_2-10-2021_231710_regionalis.fr.jpeg

Add-on which is otherwise not at all responsive despite the CSS provided.