[HA] News Ticker

[HA] News Ticker 1.3.1

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  • updated: Facebook sharing URL ( the old system isn't allowed anymore)
  • fixed: Google+ source, handling new profiles URL
  • fixed: Soundcloud source usage in sites using SSL
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  • added: user preferences to enable/disable newsticker by users for themselves
  • added: user group permission to let users set preferences
  • added: phrase for navigation tab
  • changed: Custom News of Breaking News Ticker now let you easily add news as simple as possible (with "Add More News" button) - see attached Gif


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added to Swift Ticker Social:
  • Google+ added to supported sources (new field)
Swift Ticker updated (all 3 swift tickers) :
  • start/stop on hover system overhauled
  • fixed: facebook image fetching for link elements
  • improved RSS images recognizing
  • fixed: initial BR stripping
  • fixed: twitter date parsing in IE
  • updated Soundcloud fetching system
  • added check for touchswipe script existence
  • updated Twitter source hadling with API changes
  • better ATOM links management
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Note: If you don't use Breaking News Ticker, or it is working fine although you have SSL, then its not needed to install this update. Its not so important. I updated it just for those who use Breaking News Ticker and it is not working for them because of special settings on their server.
  • Added a new option to Breaking News Ticker to solve the problem in some situations that happens when you have SSL and some other security process and so the BNT stops working.


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  • Youtube source now supports also channels (in Swift Ticker)
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  • jQuery v3 support
  • images lazy-loading support for inline contents
  • added: function to sanitize self-closing iframes
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This update is just for Swift Ticker (all 3 Swift tickers: )
  • facebook events image now fetched
  • better ATOM RSS link finder
  • added: title attribute for icons
  • updated: magnific popup and touchswipe
  • fixed: text shortening with iframe usage
  • improved Tumblr link elements handling
  • added title to dedicated page for tickers (set as phrase so that you be able to translate it)
  • added description to dedicated page for newstickers (there is a field supporting HTML in add-on's options page. So you can add anything you like, in top of the dedicated page of the news tickers)
  • added news date to Jquery news ticker (you can choose if you want it to be activated or not)
  • added news date to Tickerme news ticker (you can choose if you want it to be activated or not)
Added a phrase to be able to change News Ticker's Navtab link's title
Phrase is: dad_newsticker_navtab
fixed the problem: Swift ticker Doesn't respect animation time