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When posting suggestions or commenting on suggestions others have posted, it's important to follow some guidelines to ensure that your thoughts are understood.

Replying to Suggestions

First and foremost, if you like the suggestion that a person has made, upvote the suggestion. If you have further tweaks to the suggestion, please post them but still vote for the suggestion.

You can vote for a suggestion by clicking/tapping on the grey arrow at the right of the first post:


Once your vote has been recorded, the counter will increase and it and the arrow will change to orange:


Suggestions can be sorted by the number of votes it has received by using the "popular" tab.

Threads with a large number of votes will bubble up to the top and give us things to focus on. However, please keep in mind that a highly-voted suggestion is not guaranteed to be implemented. There may be technical reasons to not do it or it may not fit in with the goals for the product. We will give our thoughts on as many suggestions as possible.

Posting New Suggestions

The most important (and most challenging) thing to do when posting a new suggestion is search for an existing suggestion. Reducing duplicate suggestions helps us see the true interest in a particular suggestion. It's a lot harder to see how much interest there is in a particular feature if it's split across 10 threads instead or one focused one.

Finally, please keep to one suggestion per thread. This allows us to more accurately gauge the response. Massive rollup threads don't help us know the specific ideas that people are interested in.

Also, do check the closed suggestions forum to ensure your feature doesn't already exist. Chances are if you're coming to suggest it, it doesn't exist but you never know and maybe you'll find something you didn't know about. :)

Thanks for all of the suggestions that have been posted and the ones that will be posted. Your feedback is important to ensure that we're building software you want to use. (I apologize if that sounds cliché. :))
Please do not bump suggestions with posts such as "Up" or "Bump".
If we allow this for one then we have to allow it for everyone and that will just result in threads being continually bumped with no new discussion content.

If there is enough interest from other forum members, they will respond.

The developers are already aware of all the suggestions which have been made and have their own criteria for deciding which ones to develop.

Bumping a suggestion does not affect that.

By all means, if you find a suggestion thread which is a few years old and hasn't been posted on, feel free to add your comments.
Most importantly though, make sure you vote for the suggestion as that is how the developers gauge interest in a feature.
This is just a reminder to search for existing suggestions before making a new one.

Yes, we know there are a lot of suggestions; I periodically go through them and try and merge duplicates or move implemented ones to the correct forum.
If you encounter any which need merging or moving, please report them.

Also, please read the post directly above.
Bumping your own suggestions just to push them to the top of the pile is not permitted as then it just becomes a competition amongst everyone who wants their suggestions to be seen.

If you have something new to add however, then by all means post in the thread.

Most importantly, make sure you vote for suggestions you like.

If you notice a suggestion has been implemented, please report the thread.
The suggestions forums still contain over 2,500 threads.

With all of the new features which have recently been announced for 1.2, not to mention the changes which have taken place since the very first release, could everyone who has posted suggestions take the time to review them and if you feel they are no longer relevant or have been addressed, please report the threads so they can be closed.

Similarly, if you encounter any duplicates, please report those too so they can be merged.

The more duplicates and implemented threads which can be removed, the better it is for all of the remaining outstanding suggestions.

Thank you for your assistance.
You may have noticed the number of suggestions has reduced significantly.

Any thread with 3 or fewer first message votes and no replies in a year or more has been moved to the implemented forum with a "Lack of Interest" prefix.
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