Implemented Full native RESTful API built into XenForo


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Pretty self explanatory and would do wonders for development work. I know there is an addon in the resources area however:

A) It's not been updated in ages
B) It's a no brainer that this should be built into the core.

An API would allow:

- Very easy integration into 3rd party software
- Infinite customisability if the API was to allow addons to 'hook' into it to add extra API classes
- Modding would be stupidly simple to do

A few usage examples:

- Mobile apps. Creating a complete native Mobile application would be possible without having to resort to calling to webview and displaying a 'dumbed down' web version of the system.

- Remote user authentication by calling direct to the authentication system without having to reload or redirect people

- Remote reply posting (ideal for blogs, you could use XenForo as your comment system)

- Automatic thread creation (again, a good one for blogs)

- Integrate into CMS systems

- Pull any sort of info out of XenForo
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Having an API in core would allow addon developers to support it as well .Something that you do not see happening with 3rd party solutions.
It could allow us to:
  • Connect to different CMS and e-Commerce platforms like Wordpress, Mediawiki, etc.
  • Connect different installs with deep integration. For example have the same Account Upgrades on the entire network.
  • Single Sign On by many platforms.
  • Easily import data feeds trough the API of other platforms.
Having a real API would be nice. Right now, we have to manually connect to the database and pull the information we need. It's a little worrying because you never really know when the schema might change.

Having a standard way of querying some of this data would be great.

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