Implemented Full native RESTful API built into XenForo


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Pretty self explanatory and would do wonders for development work. I know there is an addon in the resources area however:

A) It's not been updated in ages
B) It's a no brainer that this should be built into the core.

An API would allow:

- Very easy integration into 3rd party software
- Infinite customisability if the API was to allow addons to 'hook' into it to add extra API classes
- Modding would be stupidly simple to do

A few usage examples:

- Mobile apps. Creating a complete native Mobile application would be possible without having to resort to calling to webview and displaying a 'dumbed down' web version of the system.

- Remote user authentication by calling direct to the authentication system without having to reload or redirect people

- Remote reply posting (ideal for blogs, you could use XenForo as your comment system)

- Automatic thread creation (again, a good one for blogs)

- Integrate into CMS systems

- Pull any sort of info out of XenForo
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...and of course the APIs system have to be easily extendible to help 3rd party addon's devs, so they are not going to create their API separated (like happen now) from core's .
I love the front-end in XenForo, it was cutting edge when it was released. But its been five plus years. It gets in the way now, I'm sorry its the truth. I'm all for this.

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